Hi! I’m Anisha. I am a graphic designer, image maker and storyteller. I was born in India, raised in Hong Kong, and moved to San Francisco to pursue a BFA at California College of the Arts. My aim is to help clients communicate in a meaningful, personal and unexpected way, using both analog and digital methods.

I have an ongoing interest in creative communication and problem solving; in doing research and ambitious brainstorming, developing an intelligent direction and crafting an impactful solution. I believe in using design as a tool to inspire connection with the public, through sharing stories, insights and big ideas.

I was selected to be a part of CCA’s TBD*, a collaborative student-run design studio that creates pro bono work for local non-profits. We also partnered with BART to launch a courtesy campaign.

I enjoy using and learning new analog image making techniques, and in my work I have used multiple methods of making like photography, linoleum printing, screen printing, letterpress and collage. I blend these with digital techniques to create textured, adventurous work. My hobbies outside of design include cooking, embroidery, animal rescue volunteer work and listening to podcasts.

You can contact me at hello@anishasachar.com
I would love to help!